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  • How Does The ‘Facebook – Cambridge Analytica’ Scandal Effect Us

    ByBrands Martini

    Published onMarch 26, 2018

    Whenever we, as a digital world subscriber download an application in our smart-phone or open a website that require us to give certain permissions, we generally just ‘allow’ them access, rather than check and ‘deny’. We do this for the smoother functionality of our desired digital platform, that ends up sending our data, private or … Continue reading “How Does The ‘Facebook – Cambridge Analytica’ Scandal Effect Us”

  • 7 Search Engine Optimization Tips You Need To Learn Now

    ByBrands Martini

    Published onMarch 12, 2018

    Online presence is nowadays the most important marketing aspect of a business. It helps to connect a product or a service seller to their intended global clients directly, meaning more sales and profits. But, it requires to be done in the right way through a channelized strategy for complete affectivity. Search Engine Optimization or SEO … Continue reading “7 Search Engine Optimization Tips You Need To Learn Now”

  • Eliminate Your Doubts About Twitter Marketing

    ByBrands Martini

    Published onMarch 5, 2018

    The messages are small, but the effect that they can create is large. Large enough to become a prominent part of online marketing strategies the world over. Twitter is a platform that allows people to post 280 characters long messages that can be shared, tweeted, re-tweeted and replied to. It allows creation of personal and … Continue reading “Eliminate Your Doubts About Twitter Marketing”