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Top 5 SEO Tools To Analyse Your Website

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In order to create a successful online business model, you require tools that shall project you the way you want to be projected. In these times, when most of the websites are looked up using search queries on search engines, it is predominantly important that your website is easily-searchable. Moreover, it should essentially form an appropriate answer for Google crawlers when a query related to your industry is sought. This is called Search Engine Optimization and believe it or not, your website needs it at all times to garner page traffic effectively.

What you see, is what you like and buy. SEO is getting you to be seen in the right context, to the right audience. Google is the biggest search engine of all times. It is the place to be for online success. If your website features on the top organic pages of some common searches made by your intended clients, you are sure to attract large page traffic. But, the next important question is that how do you know and understand the way in which Google actually sees and ranks your website? What is your current rankings, current loopholes and how can you eliminate them?

As a leading digital marketing company in delhi, we are enumerating below the various SEO checker tools that can help you analyze your website efficiency:

1. LOOKOUT FOR SPEED USING GOOGLE PAGESPEED INSIGHTS: Google offers various effective tools to analyze your website. The page speed checker is one of them. It is available free of cost and can help you understand the exact amount of time your website takes in loading. More the time it takes to load, more are the chances your intended viewer shall steer away to a competitive site. Since, most of the internet browsing is now done on mobiles this feature has become the most prominent viewership factor.

2. GOOGLE ANALYTICS: This is by-far the most comprehensive website analysis tool by Google. Available free of cost to every website, it gives a clear picture on traffic generated by your website and that too in terms of area, country, etc. It provides you an analysis of current trends in terms of keywords and market trends. Moreover, it also analyzes the keywords and content affectivity of each page to ensure you always remain informed about your online presence.

3. GOOGLE WEBMASTER TOOLS: Apart from the keywords and traffic part, there are links that point to your websites. Google webmaster helps to analyze all these links to be repaired in a clear manner. Technical glitches, bugs and alerts can be solicited and affectively removed with the help of this website SEO checker.

4. XML SITEMAPS: These sitemaps give a clear picture to the queries on how your site is structured and presented. It helps analyze and promote your website’s affectivity in Goggle Search Rankings.

5. GOOGLE WEBSITE: Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most effective ones. Opening a Google separate window, and typing your industry or brand name, shall auto fill with the related top searches. It can thus, guide you to the best SEO search queries.

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