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What is Rank Zero in SEO – How to achieve it?

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Google is the king of Search times and we live in those search times. Period. It accounts for more than 60 percent of the searches done worldwide and still growing. Thus, if you are not visible on Google you are nowhere. Google is not the king just for words. It has been continuously looking and finding answers smartly and efficiently.

In the recent years it has become smarter due to evolving technologies and teams. Think about it, have you ever found so many questions already present and answered efficiently? Inclusion of artificial intelligence in Google now seems to answer almost everything perfectly. The new innovation in this aspect developed by Google is their zero ranking options which include snippet SEO on the first page of searches.


Snippet is a promoted result of a search query that occurs before the normal search results. This is generally a small paragraph, searched by Google that directly answers the user’s search request. It generally consists of the search result in the definition form as well as a URL link and a bulleted list of related topics.

As of now, snippets occur in approximate 10% of search queries. But they occur before all the website rankings, at the 0th position. Thus, if your page gets this position on the Google search results, it shall lead you to feature twice on the first page of the searched query including your keywords.


Snippets now form a coveted position in the Google Pages. As a leading SEO company in Delhi, we shall guide you on ways to achieving this target:

1. ANALYSING YOUR WORK AND THE RELATED INDUSTRY: Google is a very smart search engine, and we should respect this fact. Thus, it is important you first look at yourself and the industry you cater to. You need to analyze that are there any related questions or direct queries possible that may be answered in the content on your pages. If yes, you may target this question and terms as this might become the snippet.

2. TARGETED CONTENT: SEO featured snippets can easily bring you and your brand in the limelight. This mostly catered by creation of viable content. First, find the correct questions and answer them in your content. Include the question directly in your content (preferably as a heading). Make the questions as rich as possible with added details.

3. CREATE CONCISE CONTENT: Snippets are mostly 54-58 words in length and Google chooses precise content that provides answers to the content. Thus, ensure making these informational snippets right at the beginning of the overall content.

4. SEO MANAGEMENT FURTHER ALONG THE PAGE IS ALSO NECESSARY: To gain a snippet position, you cannot lose out on organic ranking tools. Thus, it is important that apart from the snippet view; your rest of the page as well provide an in-depth solution to the query as well as is SEO optimized for affectivity. Add on meaningful headings, sorted-unsorted lists, etc. to make the content engaging and attractive for the reader all along.

We at Brands Martini understand Search Engine Optimization like the back of our hand. To be seen and heard, connect with us here.

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