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Wow Herbals, UK

Project Overview

A firm professing the use of alternative medicines, Wow Herbals is an ecommerce store which strongly believes in the power of Ayurvedic herbal supplements and caters to the urban population living in the United Kingdom. In a world plagued with synthetic medicines, they found it extremely difficult to bridge the gap between tradtional, alternative methods and the avante garde world. Ayurveda alone wasn’t powerful enough to get them closer to their customers. They wanted to target the international market and had us run SEO and social media campaigns, targeting the prospective buyers.

Services & Solutions

Mobile Responsive / Website Design / Website Development / Search Engine Optimization
/ Social Media Optimization / Social Media Marketing / Facebook Campaign / Google First Page Ranking

Audience Overview

As demonstrated in the visual representation below, the number of sessions saw a continuous increase with 6,034 new sessions and 5,189 visitors;
on an average, each visitor browsed 2.90 pages per session.

Top Channels

Our strong organic approach brought them the juiciest chunk of traffic through Google (73%), followed by direct channels (22.7%),
referrals (backlinking) and social media.

Acquisition Behaviour

This Acquisition-Behaviour-Conversion cycle displays how consumers behave. As we can see, their highly-optimized website attracted visitors
in a very short span and also had a decent social media conversion rate of 7.45%.

Traffic From Different Places

With visitors coming from India, United States, Russia, United Kingdom, and Malaysia, the company managed to create brand awareness
and saw an increase in its sales.

Keywords Ranking
Alsarex #1
Himalaya Abana #1
Himalaya Amalaki #1
Gokshura himalaya #1
Himalaya ayurvedic medicine for cholesterol #1