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Content Writing Services

In all honesty, we should drink to just about anything.
That’s where stories come from. That’s how content comes to life.
Ever heard a great story coming out of a salad?

What exactly is Content Writing?

Content writing isn’t the most descriptive tactic in the world of digital marketing, and quite often, people aren’t sure what it exactly means.

Similar to the loner at the bar, who everyone’s aware of but don’t have the faintest idea what the person is all about, content marketing is the wallflower of the digital word; important yet invisible.

Content Writing Services, content writing company in peeraarhi

Ever wondered why content is called the king?

  • 57% of marketers claim content as their top priority (Source: Altimeter)
  • 93% of marketers use customized content as a marketing strategy (Source: TopRank)
  • 56% of marketers believe personalized content promotes higher engagement (Source: IBM)

What do we do?

As content writers, we’re as open and as flexible as it can get, wear multiple hats, and do much more than churning out articles and blogs. Ever felt why your ‘about us’ section isn’t exactly what you are? Got the hint?

Ask as many content writers as you can what they do during the day and you’ll get as many answers. That’s how diverse the job is. You probably need one too; you just don’t know it yet.

Forming the base of SEO strategies, content writing is undoubtedly an integral part of any digital marketing strategy, and so, it’s pivotal that what you write is compelling, authentic and doesn’t fail to serve a purpose.

How do we do it?

With us, you get keyword-rich content that’s not only highly relevant to your domain but also easy to interpret for your readers.

Be it to-the-point technical writing or elaborate and informal write-ups; business brochures or website content, we have the expertise to handle it all.

We do not compromise on quality and have a strict team of editors. Nothing passes without severe scrutiny and the content is always free of conceptual and grammatical errors.

The flow and accuracy of the write ups are always taken into consideration.

Our Services

Our wide repertoire of content writing services includes the following solutions:

1. Article Writing

Flawless, well-researched and original articles across different niches. High quality content to propel your business and increase online exposure.

3. Technical Writing

which is highly tailored to your brand’s vision and customers’ needs.

2. Blog Writing

100% unique, blog style content which tells engaging tales to keep your blogs updated and active. We are equipped with writers across multiple niches.

4. Web Content Writing

The most important marketing tool, your brand’s website needs to be loaded with engaging, professional content. We can rewrite your homepage, about us page and any other section within your website.

5. SEO Oriented Content

Great content is your answer to successful SEO. With our SEO oriented service, you get content rich in highly relevant keywords that not only impresses the readers but search engines as well.

Being avid researchers, we take pride into claiming how we have the technical know-how of almost every other niche market and our written text always caters the concerned market.

6. Travel Itinerary

Travel itineraries are vital for travel and tour companies and we understand the importance great travel itinerary content on company brochures and web pages. Catering to all the aspects, we write customized travel itineraries which tease and tempt the readers.

7. E-mailer

Our writers have a natural flair for writing that invokes just the right response. Well-written content communicates brilliantly with the readers and prompts them to act accordingly.

9. Press Release

We understand the professional format that tells your story and highlights your brand. To the point, succinct, and eye catching; that’s what makes our press releases effective.

8. Newsletter

With an impeccable grasp on the digital space, our quirky write ups, images and innovative layouts make a big impact on readers’ minds.

10. Ecommerce content

Our convincing and interesting ecommerce content wins over the customers and ensures that there are no slips between the cart and the click.

At Brandsmartini, we are a highly experienced team brimming with qualified writers. Proficient in English, we create engaging content solutions for your brands.

As content writers, we are SEO specialists and sales people. We are the amplifier sending your voice out into this world. We are researchers, designers, and editors. We are your allies. If used well. We could be your key to success.

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