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The whole world knows and adores the Martini
But, is that a reason enough to create a menu and mention all the flavors involved?

What is Email Marketing?

E-mail is perhaps the most traditional way to market your product and also the most important.

E-mails are a credible and personalized way of connecting with your audience, while staying on budget. They are the best way to create an interactive connection and generate quality customer relations.

It’s a smart way of marketing whereby you do more with less.

Everything stacked together makes e-mail a great channel to connect to customers and prospective buyers and savvy marketers are nowhere close to abandoning it anytime soon.

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Don’t believe us? Here are some stats for you:

  • There are around 1 billion Gmail users that are active (Statiasta, 2016)
  • Email would have more than 3 billion users by the end of 2020 (Radicati Group)
  • Email offers excellent results and ROI according to three-quarters of companies (Econsultancy)

Why Email Marketing?

While newer platforms like mobile marketing and social media get all the attention, emails come across as old fashioned to most, claiming as far as how email marketing is dead.

The truth of the matter, however, is that email is the most direct line as far as sale conversions are concerned. And if coupled with a strong content, email marketing can be more powerful than ever.

Often termed as the currency of the internet, even social media portals are accessible only after you’ve created and entered your email address.

Also, any activity that happens on your social media pages such as Facebook or Twitter is notified to you through email. Chances are that some people may not be too active on social media but they make it a point to check their email at least once a day.

Everyone who is active on internet has at least an e-mail address that they use actively.

According to Direct Marketing Association, with a Return on Investment (ROI) of 4,300%, email marketing is insanely cost-effective.

Our Email Strategy

Our efficacious email marketing strategy:

  • Provides you with an opportunity to get your message delivered across a lot of people
  • Allows for a lot of flexibility
  • Lets you begin small and expand slowly
  • Makes for a highly segmented and targeted approach
  • Is cost-effective and risk-free

Our Services

With Brandsmartini’s E-mail marketing service, you get to hold all the cards for potential success. It includes:

1. Personalized Messages

We try and gather as much customer data as possible and employ personalization within our email marketing strategy.

Not only does it help our clients stand distinctively against the competition but also delivers up to 6 time higher transaction rates.

2. Mobile-friendly E-mails

Brandsmartini’s responsive email design offers an elegant experience to the receivers from the very start.

Mobile emails generate 400% more revenue on an average, as compared to desktop emails.

3. Segmented Approach

Our segmented approach makes our email campaigns much better-targeted. It results in improved open rate, leads and revenues.

With 9 out of 10 marketers not segmenting their email lists, it gives our clients a fair advantage over their competitors.

Advantages of our Email Marketing strategy

Our E-mail marketing in a short period can reach a wider audience and allows the recipient to immediately respond to the post. Within a limited span, campaigns can be implemented using minimal software and hardware and in a very limited budget too.

We ensure that our Email marketing plan takes business conversations to a more personal environment, i.e. the inbox.

Yes, e-mail marketing is evolving. It’s now laded with new elements and forms a stable foundation for interactive marketing.

Reach your audience where it’s waiting for you in anticipation.

At Brandsmartini, we not only prepare a great mix for the drinkers to savor, but let the martini lovers know the special on the menu just for them.

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