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Lockout India

Project Overview

As a firm dealing in industrial safety equipments, Lockout had a wide market in front of them with an array of products on offer; all they had to do was to create awareness. They wanted both export and domestic inquiries. To propel their business, we created urgency on multiple channels through blogs and posts and generated traffic.

Services & Solutions

Mobile Responsive / Website Design / Website Development / Search Engine Optimization
/ Social Media Optimization / Social Media Marketing / Facebook Campaign / Google First Page Ranking

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Audience Overview

As demonstrated in the visual representation below, the number of sessions saw a sturdy increase with 727 visitors and on an average,
each visitor browsed 3.81 pages per session with an average duration of 3 minutes and 58 seconds.

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Top Channels

Our strong and effective approach brought them a juicy chunk of traffic through referrals (36.6%),
followed by organic searches (35.5%), direct channels and social media.

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Acquisition Behaviour

This Acquisition-Behaviour-Conversion cycle displays how consumers behave. As we can see, their mobile responsive website design
attracted visitors search results through referrals and organic.

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Traffic From Different Places

With 354 visitors coming from India, followed by 298 from Russia and the rest from USA and other nations the company managed to create
brand awareness and saw an increase in sales enquiries.

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Dielectric Padlock #1
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