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Mobile App Marketing Services

You are the best martini mixer in town and there is no other like you around
But, how do you find real martini lovers amongst the vast crowd?

What is Mobile App Marketing?

Similarly, you spent sleepless nights trying to design an app that is in sync with your business or services, but it is of no use if the people who fit into your target profile are not aware of your app.

Only once you bring that app to the knowledge of your customers can you convince them to download it.

It’s a no-brainer that not only you need a high-functioning, effective mobile app, but also need a solid mobile app marketing strategy if you don’t want your mobile app ending up like a needle in a haystack.

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Let’s see how mobile apps are faring in the current digital scenario.

  • On an average, a user downloads 8.8 apps in a month. (Business Insider)
  • Mobile users spend 90% of their time in apps while only the rest 10% web. (Flurry)
  • 26% of apps are discarded after the first use. (Google)

What do we do?

Strategy and Growth Planning

Marketing the hell out of an app requires a groundbreaking, strong go-to marketing strategy. We carefully plan and strategize keeping the ever evolving, dynamic world of mobiles and device a strong journey for your mobile app that helps you jump into the market with a bang.

Result Oriented Marketing

Developing the app is simply the first step to success. Your key to top is our strong, unique, performance-based ad campaign, i.e. Cost-per-Install (CPI).

With developers developing millions of apps for billons of users, user acquisition is getting harder and harder. In a scenario so competitive, Cost-per-Install is our favourite advertising method that helps our clients with user acquisition.

What is our CPI strategy?

CPI is one such method that app publishers can make use of. It is specific to mobile application. In a cost-per-install campaign, digital ads are placed all over media in an effort to drive installation of the advertised application.

The purpose of this application is to connect a brand to their most loyal customers, allowing them to engage more deeply.

Cost-per-install mobile affiliate networks provide offers that pay based on a per install model.

This gives app developers, mobile media buyers and affiliates a lucrative opportunity to make money promoting apps or games. The advertiser is only charged when the user has installed the app, hence the name cost per install.

Why Mobile Marketing?

The demand for mobile apps is clear.

With over 2 billion apps all screaming for attention, how do you make sure that your app takes off smoothly? How do you get the users to download it, enjoy it and spread it around?

Fret not!

To make profits out of a mobile app you need an efficient mobile app marketing strategy. And no one does it better than Brandsmartini. It’s hands down the best mobile app marketing company in town that could help you market and monetize your app successfully.

We implement high-impact campaigns that easily drive measureable results, no matter what your target is.

The Advantages of leveraging Brandsmartini’s CPI

You get to:

  • Reach your ideal audience based on your app’s niche

  • Customizable platform with optimization flexibility

  • Performance-based pricing

  • Measure efforts and result

Our Cost-per-Install campaigns have been dominating the market for quite a while and have delivered huge growth for the industry.

It gives a unique opportunity to mobile publishers to generate revenue for themselves while monetizing traffic and promoting their app.

Brands martini helps you in reaching out to every lover of martini in and around town that is waiting to taste the latest mix.

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