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Online Reputation Management Services

When you love a drink, you rave about it!
Be it liquor or services, if it’s exceptional it’s talked about.

What’s Online Reputation Management?

Be it fallacious comments from your ex-employees, competitors or an industry review, information travels quickly across the internet.

As a matter of fact, hundreds of contacts are lost owing to such erroneous rumors, comments, and complaints

There’s nothing worse than to learn that someone just ‘Googled’ you and chose not to bring their brand to you solely based on what they read online.

It is basic human nature to make enquires and take second opinion about things that are new to us.

These days, whenever we hear of a restaurant, saloon, gym etc, we immediately try to learn more about it over Google.

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Why is ORM the need of the hour?

  • According to World Economic Forum, more than 25% of a brand’s market value is attributed directly to its reputation.
  • 86% of people would pay more for a service with higher ratings
  • 8 out of 10 internet users say that negative information online made them change their decision
  • More than 80% of damage comes from a mismatch of online buzz and reality

What do we do?

Your brand’s future and fortune, they are practically dependent on the end users, who basically acknowledge you based on what’s written all over the internet.

Positive reviews mean more people interested in trying out your services which mean better business. Negative reviews on the other hand can be detrimental for your brand and reduce your business to nothingness.

“At Brands Martini, we fully understand how whatever that’s published online is a part of your brand reputation, and in order to maintain it, we engage Online Reputation Management (ORM) by placing new and positive content that pushes the unwanted content lower in search results.”

Our ORM strategy

The internet is the easiest tool to send your message across; not just for the business but for the customer as well. Since you cannot control what people may or may not say about you, it is beneficial to have a well-thought strategy that takes care of showing you in a positive light on the internet.

Building positive awareness about a brand takes a lot of time and effort and it takes consistent effort to maintain and ensure company’s online reputation.

As an eminent digital marketing agency, defending and maintaining online reputation is just another part of our wide repertoire of digital marketing services.

Why Online Reputation Management?

Interestingly, there’s a myth around ORM services that only those with a bad image require it.

However, a jeopardized image isn’t the only thing which needs repairing. You need ORM services when:

  • You are invisible to your customers, i.e. no brand awareness
  • Maintaining the image
  • Negative search results

Our Services

Negating the negative and positively influencing your prospective clients, our ORM service includes the following proactive solutions:

  • Reputation Analysis and Monitoring
  • Damage Repair: Neutralizing the Negative
  • Branding on Social Media: Through Forums, Blogs and Social Networking
  • Adding sincerity to your brand communication

Advantages of our ORM strategy

  • It is immensely important for a business to show itself in a positive light. Even the slightest defamatory review can have severe consequences. Those buying your
    services don’t know anything about your brand and the picture they form in their head is purely based on online reviews, which is why a good online reputation matters
  • When you garner a lot of positive reviews, people appreciate your business. It builds a strong credibility even in the minds of those who have never engaged in your services.
  • Since people gather information over search engines before making purchase, having a positive online reputation means more people buying your goods and services. The higher the sale, the better it is for the business.

It is basic human nature to make enquires and take second opinion about things that are new to us.

These days, whenever we hear of a restaurant, saloon, gym etc, we immediately try to learn more about it over Google.

Thus it’s really important for the business to make a good impression whenever someone looks them up over the internet.

We easily form judgments about a person or a service based on what we read about them over search engines. The reviews left by those that have already made use of so and so goods and services majorly affect our buying decisions.

Apart from delivering a great service, which is a pre-requisite for every establishment, a brand needs to present a reliable front to its customers

“We understand that even a great tasting drink needs good promotion that needs to be maintained consistently and that’s exactly what we do for your brand.”

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