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Community Development Services

The surest way to enjoy a great martini is in the company of other martini lovers.
People with similar taste get along like a house on fire.

What is Community Development?

A community formed on the basis of a product that forges a connection between a brand and an individual buyer is generally termed as Brand Community.

Belonging to a community is a requirement of every human on a fundamental level.

We are the happiest beings around minds that think like us.

Community marketing is the most effective way of retaining customers, and while other forms of marketing are specifically concerned with pulling in new customers, community marketing emphasizes on the already formed relationship that the brand has with its customers.

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  • The world of social media has made belonging to a community a much easier task than it used to be. But, with increased competition to drawconsumer attention, it’s now become imperative that you leverage the right online influencers.
  • Having a strong and loyal base of customers can turn even a small brand into a success.

Why Community Development?

There are effective channels on social media to create a good and prominent sense of community amongst prospective consumers.

There are various brands with their own Facebook page, twitter handle and YouTube links with numerous followers. This sense of community is a great way for the brand to stay connected with their audience without hardcore sales involved.

It is a marketing strategy which is used by almost every brand to form an engaging brand presence to interact with a community of existing customers, and also to reach out to future customers.

Places like Facebook groups and twitter accounts are where the existing members can make their needs known and the companies can respond to them.

This also creates a bond between the customer and the brand as the customer feels appreciated and valued instead of being just another person consuming just another product or service.

What do we do?

As a community development company, we keep in mind that community members and brand loyalists are not just buyers but humans too. It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that there’s an emotional connection and it’s necessary to foster these shared relations.

Unlike what most believe it to be, community development is more than a facile marketing campaign. It’s a long-term strategy that involves regular communication, sharing experiences and rich interactions, touching across every touchpoint of your community members.

Our Services

At Brandsmartini, we’ve established these 3 characteristic elements as a part of our community development and marketing strategy:

1. Membership

The building blocks of any community, membership include boundaries, emotional safety, personal investment and a sense of identification.

It revolves around setting the expectations for your brand community and defining its purpose.

2. Establishing Brand Identity

It’s not only the community which has an influence over its members. In any social community, influence works both ways.

3. Need fulfillment

It’s a pivotal part of our community development strategy, and we ensure that we essentially recognize the contribution of each and every community member through small but promising rewards.

Ultimately, it all boils down to delivering what you promised, nurturing and helping the members with their needs and not trying to boost loyalty through constant sales promotions.

We, at Brandsmartini understand the value of bringing together all martini lovers under one roof and keeping them hooked

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