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Social Media Marketing Services

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What is SMO or Social Media Optimization?

When you showcase your product amidst an audience, half its appeal lies in how it is presented.

You can have the most fabulous concept and a very appealing brand but all that holds no avail if it’s not promoted through the right channels in the right form.

SMO or social media optimization is the process of refining a website so that its visibility increases through various social media channels.

“At Brands Martini, through SMO services, we promote your product on various social media channels with appealing designs and compelling content.

This includes sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.”

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Just how important Social Media actually is?

  • Of the 7.2 billion humans on our planet, 3 billion have internet access and 2.1 billion are active on Social Media. (Link Humans report)
  • As much as 52% of online adults operate more than 1 social media account (Pew Research)
  • About 90% of young adults age between 18 and 29 use social media

Our SMO Strategy

As social media consultants, there are certain criteria that we keep in mind for a potent and result oriented SMO:

We target those social media sites that fit the niche of your business and then drive it to the right audience.

We understand that key to a great SMO is ammunition of words, videos and images which are loaded effectively in the gun barrel of Social Media and aimed at the bull’s eye.

An effective SMO automatically translates to heavy traffic on the website which is the primary requirement of every business.

Brand visibility takes a steep hike this way and you connect with your audience on a platform where you get a deeper and clearer idea of their requirements and expectations.

Why do our SMO services stand out?

  • Enhancing Brand Presence
  • Positive Impact on Brands through Changed Perception
  • Rendering Customer Support
  • Enhancing Interaction among the Local Communities and Customers

What’s SMM or Social Media Marketing?

Social Marketing is concerned with the aspect of marketing where it basically consolidates the presence of a business or an enterprise over major social media platforms by creating shareable content which in turn leads to customer engagement.

A well implemented SMO is backed by an equally good SMM.

Once your website is optimized, the next step is to reach out to the audience through various social media activities. These social media activities are both organic and paid.

They include everything from creating convincing content that is shared by consumers, making videos and making them go viral, and also ads that are made to go viral on various platforms.

As social media strategists, we decide the best plan of action in terms of analyzing competitors, studying the target audience, their age and preference, online behavior and buying choices and then deliver good quality content to the customers.

Our SMM services:

  • Tailored Social Media Strategy
  • Social Research
  • Community Management
  • Social Media Planning, Measurement and Implementation
  • Content Optimization and Development
  • Social Media Advertising

Advantages of Brandsmartini’s SMM services

SMM or social media marketing has a plethora of benefits for the business such as:

  • It positions your brand in such a way that there is an increased online engagement which in turn magnifies Brand Awareness.
  • By engaging audience in a creative way through social media a brand can build strong brand loyalty amongst its audience.
  • SMM increases the visibility of a brand and that leads to more conversion which is a boost to the business.
  • The main goal of a business is to link itself to its customer base and SMM by providing a platform to the business where customer can voice themselves bridges the vast gap between the brand and the audience.

SMO and SMM are two services that are generally collaborated together and can provide tremendous results to any business. The tricky part, of course, is the implementation.

“Here at Brandsmartini, we brew a strong mixture of the two services, SMO and SMM to give your business a boost that catapults it from an emerging brand to an established one.”

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