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10 Things to know while Developing SEO Friendly Website

SEO Friendly Website Development

Website development sounds easy with the evolving technology, but when it comes to SEO friendly website design you have to give a second thought to your imagination, as it is surrounded with many misconceptions. But below is the list of 10 things that will for sure bust all your misconceptions and help you to develop a site that can give you desired results within the expected time.

  1. Simple design for the user
  2. A good SEO friendly design is sometimes even obvious; you should not need explanations for its use. It must have a simple and easily navigable structure. If you have many categories, everything must be very orderly and easily accessible. Avoid dead ends. A good website should be seen on all existing browsers for regular use.

  3. Do not complicate the sale with complex gadgets
  4. A user is not willing to waste their time with complex structures, need plugins to see things or endless technical explanations. If your products or services require this type of explanation, give the user the possibility to choose to see them with a drop-down, nothing more.

  5. Try to capture the user’s attention
  6. If you are offering a product for a limited time, special offer, etc. on your site or website use your site to focus the user’s attention on it, do not use a banner or a pop-up window to do so.

  7. Design the menu effectively
  8. If you have several sections on your website, make sure that the menu shows them effectively and easily. The main menu must be on all the pages of your site, never leave pages without a menu where you have to go “Back” in the browser.

  9. Present good contents and in a categorized, ordered way
  10. The content is everything, good texts without mistakes of grammar or spelling and good quality images speak of the interest and the respect you have for the user.

  11. Simplify or at least not complicate things
  12. Users are looking for information; they want to see if their service or product helps them to buy it. If your website does not give them what they are looking for, they leave immediately.

  13. Use spaces effectively
  14. Making use of the space of a website does not mean putting everything you can and everything tight!!! The user needs to “breathe,” and for this, it is necessary that there are blank spaces.

  15. Communicate effectively
  16. When you use an SEO friendly website to communicate as a visual tool, try to review the contents and its design to describe what you want efficiently and transparently. Try to be distinctive when doing it and put emphasis on what you want to emphasize.

  17. Use familiar formats
  18. These are “small” details such as the location of menus, search boxes, links, etc. where the user finds them easily because they are common to every website. Also the use of common phrases such as “Search,” “Contact,” “User access or log-in,” etc.

  19. PT – PR: Test early – Try regularly
  20. Testing the performance is the key to SEO friendly design and development, this can be easily achieved by involving the real users who were not the part of testing or development team. You won’t have to go for a hard search as we all have our critics within our family and friend circle who can help us to achieve the best.

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