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4 Ways to Build an Organic Following on Twitter

Organic Following on Twitter, Twitter Marketing

With social media getting more and more ingrained in our daily lives, it’s now pivotal for business owners to get aboard. And taking into consideration this drastic shift to people or consumer-centric marketing, Twitter is now much more relevant than ever before.

Twitter is a weapon of mass socialization and can function as a huge asset for companies, provided that they use if effectively. It’s an amazing platform for expanding one’s social boundaries to a much, much larger audience.

And as far as building connections and establishing relationships with social influencers is concerned, Twitter might as well be considered the best social network out there.

With the myriad of networking opportunities that Twitter provides, it’s fairly obvious that it will be difficult to master. Most of the marketers I know of, constantly struggle with growing their list of followers.

And I’ve also seen a lot of them opting for quick fixes. One of the very first things that come to my mind here is buying followers. Mind you, I have never done it; neither do I promote this practice. From where I see, these short-cuts, sketchy tactics can never bring you long-term success. Bought followers, similarly, mostly comprise of bots, low activity accounts and spammers. So it’s only a waste of your hard-earned money and time.


The best way to increase your follower count is by doing so organically. And while it can sure be difficult, it doesn’t have to be disappointing. Let’s see how:

1. Your Twitter profile should be complete:

Nothing in this world can hinder your goal of growing followers like an incomplete profile can. And while we are still here, make it a point to update all your social media profiles. An incomplete profile is a deal-breaker. It fails to tell the world what you’re all about.

Creatively craft your profile and don’t forget to include important keywords. Also, make your profile as honest and as relatable as possible.

2. Follow the trends and serve the same

While catering to an audience, you must deliver whatever they demand. Similarly, while marketing on Twitter, make it a point to research the topics trending within your industry. You cannot only serve what you think is interesting. I mean, of course, you can, but then don’t expect it to yield it the desired results.

You can look out for popular hashtags and contribute to the trend using the same hashtags. Choosing the right trends would let you increase your tweets’ visibility and earn followers. You can take advantage of any trend as long as it falls within your industry.

3. Make it a habit to return favours, to reciprocate

Even the most influential people Twitter users follow the follow-for-follow rule. People who follow you, retweet your tweet and favourite it, you must reciprocate by following them back and engaging with them whenever possible.

And the more you reach out, the more will they return the favours.


4. Re-tweet, and respond to tweets from giants

No matter how large the list of your followers is, make sure you take rounds to retweet at least a single user a day. Who knows when you might get a follower for life? And while we are in the game to increase our follower count, it’s a very good practice to respond to tweets coming from profiles with millions of followers. Since a lot of people now have access to your tweet, you can connect with bigger crowds, given that you contribute something meaningful or productive.

Always remember, your harvest is directly proportional to the seeds you sow; the more seeds you plant, the better are the results. The few things you need to keep in mind while growing Twitter followers are to be engaging and reciprocating, while always being consistent and up-to-date with trends.

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