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7 Pinterest Features You Didn’t Probably Know About

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One of the most popular social networks, Pinterest enjoys more than 175 million active monthly users, along with a myriad of fans. Each day itself, countless people use Pinterest to find information, inspiration, advice, creative solutions and ideas for all parts of their lives including recipes, outfits, housewares and what not.

But from what we know, quite a staggering number of people are missing out on some of the finest Pinterest tips and tricks. Hiding beneath the plethora of benefits and Pinterest pins, these super-rich features can easily enhance your Pinterest experience and help you make your life easier, doesn’t matter if you are someone beginning the Pinterest journey or an experienced user.

1. Using group boards and collaborating with family and friends: When you start with a new board, Pinterest gives you an option to include fellow collaborators who can not only see your board but also contribute and add in their own pins. If Pinterest recommendations are to be believed, you should use this feature for planning vacations or re-planning your home.

2. You can add Pinterest to your iOS share sheet: Using your iOS share sheet, you can easily add your images to Pinterest. All you need to do is press the ‘share’ button and scroll and tap on ‘more’. This lets you toggle Pinterest as an app on your share sheet. This is a really cool way to post on Pinterest without even having to open it.

3. Instant ideas feature for similar pins: If you have missed it, there’s a small, white circle on the bottom-right of all the pictures in your Pinterest feed. Clicking on the circle is an indication to Pinterest to include more of such photos in your feed. Really cool, right?

4. Secret board for planning surprise events: Whenever you create a new board, Pinterest provides you with an option to let it remain secret. This way, the board remains hidden from everyone until you yourself decide to share it. This feature can come in really handy if you’re about to plan a secret bash, a surprise party or a wedding.

5. Check off tried ideas: Once you’ve tried something you previously pinned, you can return and tap the checkmark on the top of the pin to indicate that you’ve done it. There’s also a really nice option to add up photos of your version next to it and leave tips and reviews for all those planning to attempt it.

6. Multiple filters: Based on what you are searching, you can choose to look for boards and pins closely related to your subject, and other pinners.

7. Virtual search: Look closely and you’ll find a magnifying glass in the corner of each pin. By tapping on the glass, you can look up the particular items in the image. Using its algorithm, Pinterest will then acquaint you with visually similar items. What’s special is that you can actually purchase them; simply add it to your cart using a third-party retailer. So much and you didn’t even leave the app; it’s amazing if you ask me.

For more of such tips and tricks into the world of social media, keep following Brandsmartini, a creatively led social media marketing agency.

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