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Everything You Need To Know About Breadcrumbs

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A small child sneaked past his mother and took a piece of cake from the kitchen and ate it on the way to his room, later mother caught him. He asked, “How did you know, it was me?”———– “I followed the Breadcrumbs”, she said.

Well, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs didn’t end well for the little guy but when you want people to find something leaving breadcrumbs is a good way to lead them. Breadcrumbs are typically placed in horizontal form under the masthead or navigation of a website. Breadcrumb navigation is a very beneficial additional feature which improves user’s experience on your website.
Breadcrumbs are links which allow the user to track the path to the page they are on. A breadcrumb is a just a small text path located on the top of the webpage.

Types of Breadcrumbs

It can be generally classified into 3 main types:
1. Location or Hierarchy-based: They are the most common types of breadcrumbs. They help the user to navigate better through the website by representing the structure of the site with the division on a hierarchy basis.
2. Attribute-based: As the name suggests this type explains the products with one another rather than the hierarchy. Sometimes both they are used on the website for better navigation.
3. History or Path-based: They follow a simple pattern which provides the path you have followed through the site.

Advantages of Breadcrumbs

Apart from being a navigational aid to the users on your website, Breadcrumbs SEO impact is also positive. SEO Services like Brands Martini are always on the lookout for any creative way to improve SEO results.

Breadcrumb are very beneficial and knowing the importance of SEO, there are subtle ways to improve its performance.

  • It helps Google to understand the inter-connection between different pages on the website.
  • They improve the structure of the website and it’s interlinking
  • Always use breadcrumbs to help the user and not just for SEO. Think of the SEO as an additional benefit.
  • If you choose to use breadcrumbs on one page then you should use it on all the necessary pages as well.
  • They are there as a secondary navigation option and shouldn’t be used as the only ones.


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