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Why Facebook is More Important in Era of Digital Marketing

Facebook analysis shows that there are greater than 1 billion members and 2.2 billion active users per month. Being the most popular social networking platform, Facebook has gained tremendous importance in the era of digital marketing.


With your Facebook Business page, you can get first-hand customer feedback. When there is a direct interaction with your customers, you can address their problems and take corrective action immediately. This helps to retain your customer base and also develop new ones.

When a customer gives a good feedback via Facebook, this status update can go viral. As the fanbase of your page expands, there will be a quantum leap in the back-links to your website, making your social media marketing strategy successful in improving your search engine ranking.

On Facebook, you can observe the trends, like and dislikes of potential customers and keep yourself updated on their preferences. This helps to understand customer psychology and provides you with the opportunity to plan the next Facebook marketing strategy.

Another reason why the platform is an indispensable part of digital marketing is the Facebook Ads Manager. With the help of the Ads Manager you can:

Design and create attractive ads which can be displayed on your business page, as well as on allied services like Custom Audience Tool and Instagram.

You can edit, update and schedule your ads campaigns so that it is timed perfectly to ensure maximum exposure, impact and viewer response.

You can measure the performance of the different ads and generate reports so that you know which type of ads have produced best results. For a more professional analysis, you can use one of the top digital marketing agencies India.

With a Facebook business account, your brand gets the maximum amount of online visibility but your marketing expenditure is minimum. The per-ad rate on Facebook is lower than that of YouTube or Google. Besides, potential customers spend nearly 85% of their time on Facebook, and usually on mobile devices. With such a high viewership, your brand will definitely go viral.

With additional features like crowd-funding, music stores, shopping tab, etc, selling on Facebook is very easy. Even big enterprises are using Facebook as a social media marketing tool today.

If you are confused on how to go about using all these amazing Facebook tools and apps, just contact an experienced digital marketing agency in Delhi. With professional help, your products and services will get maximum online presence, more sales and profits, brand creation, and a lot more.

A social media agency will have experts in digital marketing, who can convert your product which had a small local customer base into an international brand; just by helping you with your Facebook ads campaigns.

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