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5 Things Google Does Better Than Other Search Engines

Google Search Engines

When in doubt, just ‘Google’ it! Yes, Googling has become an official verb to be registered in the Oxford dictionary. Not a small feat, despite the best efforts of different types of search engines and competitors like Bing, Yahoo!, Baidu, etc. For digital marketers, this has considerable significance. Search engine optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) are huge parts of the online marketing strategy. All of these online tactics are based on the capability of search engines. So it’s no wonder everyone’s looking for the best search engine.

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This brings us to the next question: why is Google so insanely popular? Almost 80% of people in the world use Google, and the rest 20% are uncharted waters fought over by other top search engines. Let’s have a look at the plausible causes for Google’s skyrocketing fame. These are the,

5 Things – Google is Better than other Search Engines:

The relevance of returned results:

This is pretty obvious at casual glance right? But not all search engines can return contextual information corresponding to the keywords entered by users. For example, an obscure search like “Inventor of electric kettle” will still return a detailed result in case of Google.

Proximity-based search:

Google is smart at detecting intent, even if it isn’t clear in the search. It makes use of the location of the user and bases the search results depending on the geographic area of the user. So, even if you are searching for “Bengali cuisine restaurant near me” sitting in the US, you will find a relevant result.

Reliability and speed:

Let’s get it out of the way: we trust Google. As one of the most used search engines, Google build up this loyalty over the years with its relevant, high quality and enhanced image and video results. It maintains a ranking of sites depending on the relevance of content. It also regularly updates its search algorithms. This makes it the fastest search engine around and is primarily responsible for its accuracy.

The pool of relevant ads:

Google shows only a few sponsored ads, relevant to searched keywords. So less cluttering, and cleaner experience.

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Integration with a variety of apps:

Google can credit a great part of its success to apps like Maps, Youtube and Chrome. With Android phones taking over the world, these apps have become indivisible parts of people’s lives as they preinstalled. So no one bothers to install Google competition apps like Yahoo or Bing.

There are a bunch of search engines names thrown about, but Google will never go out of business. It’s simple and easy to use and has made itself a part of our daily lives. Remember to carefully take advantage of Google if you want to advertise yourself online!

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