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Google Rolling Out The New Google Search Menu Bar Interface

New Google Search Menu Bar Interface

Google has rolled out the new Google Search Menu Bar Interface with icons after a few months of testing. Google is now showing various icons that represent different verticals such as news, video, shopping, maps, books, flights, and finance in the search menu bar.

Though it will not have a direct impact on the SEO of any website, it might increase organic traffic to your website in specific verticals. There are websites which only rank on top when it comes to specific vertical (shopping, books, etc.). The new update is more beneficial for these websites. The reason why they only rank for specific keywords and specific verticals is their website isn’t fully optimized.

Optimizing the SEO to rank on the top of the search engine results page is very crucial in order to outdo your competitors. However, most of the companies fail to recognize the top SEO factors, as a result, they lose out on their business. Let’s have a look at some of the top SEO tips and strategies that you shouldn’t ignore.

Top SEO Tips & Strategies in 2019

1. Quality Content: No matter what SEO techniques you follow, if your content is not good, you will never rank on the top of SERPs. Make sure that the language of the content is easily understandable as well as full of correct information.

2. Improve Loading Speed: Most of the people leave a website if it takes too much time to load. A search engine considers this as a bad user experience and hence you should make efforts to increase your website’s loading speed. Use optimized images, remove unnecessary plugins, and reduce the number of the HTTP request to improve the website speed.

3. Build a Mobile-Friendly Website: There are more mobile users than desktop users in the world. The search engines have already started considering mobile first indexing. Mobile optimized websites are going to survive in the long run.

4. Implement SSL Security: A secure website gets more authority than a non-secure website. Even Google has confirmed that SSL security is an important factor that is considered while ranking a website.

5. Link Building: Getting backlinks from high authority websites can improve your ranking. However, if you get too much of low authority backlinks, it will hamper your ranking. Be extra careful when link building.


While SEO is a dynamic thing, which keeps on changing. You need to keep yourself updated even with the minor changes in SEO to maintain your ranking. If you’re new to SEO or are not getting desired results despite giving 100% efforts, consider hiring a marketing agency. Brands Martini is one of the best SEO companies in India. Their team of extraordinary marketers keeps an eye on changing factors of SEO, in order to deliver the best service to their clients.

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