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How Artificial Intelligence is boosting the SEO?

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Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the industry in many ways since its inception in the late 1960’s. It has gone through various changes through the years, making it more precise and accurate. Now the question arises that how can  AI be used for boosting the SEO.

We are still to achieve true artificial intelligence but we have come a long way. With the help of advanced machine learning, we are now able to improve the functioning of any system and its efficiency. You will find that there are hundreds of evidence of AI being used to dominate the marketplace. It is no secret that AI is the future of customer interactions and according to recent studies around 85% of customer interactions will be handled using artificial intelligence by the year 2020.

Evolution of Search Optimization with the help of Artificial Intelligence

SEO marketing is a great way to attract traffic to your website and promote your business. Google Search Engine Optimization used RankBrain, an ML algorithm which processes the search results and then ranks the website based on the relevant keywords in the content. But with AI, the function of SEO is now much more than identifying simple keyword or phrases.

Today, AI can be used in search optimization for many purposes like:

  • Collecting data on Ad targeting
  • Identify the relevance of content
  • Determine customer segments for cross-selling
  • Streamline marketing campaigns
  • Identify which emotional values have the most impact on the target audience, etc.

How can AI improve the results of SEO?

To serve the customers, it is very necessary to strategically collect and analyze the data related to their shopping history, budget and requirements. It was a big task until the AI interface with the help of advanced machine learning can very quickly access all the data and present us with the predictive behaviour of the customer. This helps the business to create advertisements and offers which are most likely to attract the customer.

Analyzing years of customers online presence and their habits to accurately pinpoint any current trend can be very time-consuming. Thanks to the advanced machine learning, it can now be done without any rigorous effort. It helps to create a better relationship with the customers as you will be able to understand their requirement even better.

With this advancement in SEO due to the implementation of the AI interface, it is important to modify your keyword phrases and use the right tools to rank your website higher on search engine pages.

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