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How To Keep Clear Of Common Content Marketing Mistakes

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Content marketing is the modus operandi for successful digital marketing and one of the most effective online marketing strategies. Try not to pitch your service every time you publish content online and focus on providing relevant and valuable information to your customers. When it comes to effective content marketing, many of us have had our flops. But, failures can often be a source of learning and insight into what to avoid in future. For a successful content marketing campaign, try and avoid the following mistakes:

1. Content That Lacks Substance: Simply churning out content just for the sake of it is not going to get you the desired results. The internet is flooded with content that lacks value. The readers can easily differentiate between average and great content. To cut through the pile of mediocrity, you need to come up with content that does not only serve the SEO purposes but also ignites the reader’s curiosity and keeps them engaged.

2. Too Much Focus On Your Products: If on a date, all that you do is talk about yourself, chances are there won’t be another one. The same goes for content marketing. Unfortunately, most of the business owners think that content marketing is only bragging about their products and services. It sure is important but hampers the connection you share with your readers. Try and produce audience-centric content rather than product-centric content.

3. Choosing The Wrong Audience: A study by IBM says that 63% of the customers feel that the brands they love do not understand them. There is a huge gap between what the businesses talk about and what the buyers want to hear. More than enough time and money goes into producing valuable content and therefore choosing the right audience is paramount. Identify and research your target audience. Delve deep into their minds and figure out what they would like to hear and then produce the content which would successfully keep them engaged.

4. Less Focus On SEO: Content marketing and SEO are different marketing strategies. However, both of them blend magically and should never be used in place of one another. While you come up with great content, try and employ the researched keywords throughout your content, i.e. titles and headings and it will prove to be invaluable.

5. Not Promoting Your Content: Simply publishing the content is not content marketing. Nigel McHugh says that content is king, but distribution is queen. People would just not stumble upon your published content and showing up on google is not the only way to go about it. This is an omnichannel era. Your presence is required at platforms where your audience hangs out, be it an E-mail list, social media page or YouTube.

If executed properly, content marketing strategies can turn out to be one of the most cost-effective and valuable ways of marketing yourself. It is an on-going commitment, not a one-time investment and therefore should be left at the hands of experts. There’s no one better than Brands Martini when it comes to creating content people can relate to, share with others and learn from.

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