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The Importance of Mobile Friendly Websites

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Smartphones are now integral parts of our day to day lives. Mobile Technology has revolutionized the way business is conducted. Unlike a decade ago, people are now using their smartphones for browsing the internet, online shopping and much more. In the current scenario, lack of a mobile friendly website design is like donating your clients to your customers, that’s how important it is.

By creating mobile applications for your website, you cant achieve the full potential of mobile marketing. While having a dedicated app is a vital element for your business, it is not the alternative for the mobile-optimized website. Every passing day your business is losing a portion of visitors just because you don’t have a mobile responsive website design.

There are undeniable researches and data which reflect the importance of a mobile-friendly website design for your business:

  • Mobile Users Have Long Surpassed Desktop In Internet Traffic

    Mobile traffic surpassed desktop back in 2016 and by now more than 55% of the total internet traffic is due to users browsing websites from a smartphone. This means that more than half of your prospects are using a smartphone to visit your website.
    So, if your website is not mobile friendly meaning, it is not easy to browse on a small screen then this poor user experience can cost you huge clientele.

  • Regular Shoppers Use Mobile And There Number Will Increase In Future

    Smartphone users are more likely to be regular shopper as its easy, less time consuming and much more convenient. With a mobile responsive website design, your business will have around 20% more visitors which could result in sales easily. According to statistics, in the next few years, mobile commerce will make up about half of the total online sales. It’s not long when mobile users make up the majority of all the online income.

Above mentioned are the advantages of having a mobile friendly website design, there are also very straightforward disadvantages of not having one, like:

More than half of visitors will abandon the page if your website is not opening in less than 5 seconds on a mobile device. So if you haven’t optimized your website, you are directly losing half of your prospective customers.
Mobile-friendly websites are given priority by Google in the Search Engine Result Page. So if your website is not mobile-friendly, you will rank lower.

These small things can be the difference between the revenue generated by you and your competitor. Hence, you should avail the services of one of the best digital marketing agencies, Brands Martini.

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