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The Importance of Vernacular Content Marketing

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Jokes written in English make for a great read. But, a joke in the local dialect of Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Punjabi, etc. takes it to a completely new level. This is mainly due to the ‘connectivity’ factor. Many psychological studies have proven time and again that all individuals tend to bend towards their linguistic peers be it in person, in text or imagination. Thus, articles, blogs, write-ups, and other marketing content as well is bound to be read more, when written in these local languages. The content marketing strategies circling around the usage of local dialect are bound to create greater viewership and thus, become more effective.

Brands Martini is a content marketing company in Delhi that understands the importance of Vernacular Content Marketing. We have employed experienced localized writers to create impact-worthy content written in local Indian dialects that shall have the prowess to reach the Indian Heart.

India is the most fast-paced smart-phone market in the world. It is touted to reach more than 650 million subscribers in 2021, becoming the second-largest internet market in the world. It thus provides the immense scope of brand development and growth which just cannot be missed by any sane-minded individual. Brands Martini is your helping hand in this context. Ours is a developing country. Sadly more than 50 per cent, if not more, is uneducated or partially educated. For individuals, who hardly understand the words, ‘English’ in itself seems indomitable. Thus, if your brand only provides for and caters to the random English reader, you are losing out on a precious billion of the population that shall undoubtedly include millions of intended customers. Thus, with English, you gain some Indians, and without vernacular content, you lose out on much more.

Internet and Digital Markets are ever-expanding with millions of companies and start-ups are popping up every second and aiming to make it big. You, your business, however big or small are bound to face tough competition. As you compete with companies from the globe over, vernacular content could easily become your ‘X’-factor that may connect you to your user directly. After all, a Marathi person will always prefer to read Marathi local articles than those written in English. This is also the reason why digital giants like Google and Microsoft, who truly know and value the importance of content; are already looking for vernacular content options to leverage the local Indian Markets. Do you as a future envisioning company, plan to lose out on this prospect?

Okay, so you may be unaware about the Indian languages, their numbers and local dialects. We are here to sort out these issues for you. In terms of numbers, India is home to more than 750 languages, out of which approximately 120 are spoken by more than 10,000 people. Of these, 22 are sought as official languages by our constitution. The numbers seem cumbersome, and so is the content that is created in these languages can take your marketing to the next level.

To create and cook your brand in the local curry, we have Brands Martini for you.

Taste it once to see and feel the difference…

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  1. Very well written article with full information. Thank you for sharing this great info. It’s nice to know and read about this stuff. I would definitely try to follow these suggestions.

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