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How to increase your Google Ranking?

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When you create a website for blogging, business or any other purpose, the first question that you should ask is “Where does your traffic will come from?” So you rely on people finding you online through a Google search but there are many businesses with the same name or services as you. So what will make you stand out, that where you will like to look into the importance of SEO and how it will improve Google ranking.

Nowadays everyone is doing SEO to improve Google rankings but it is very important to get it right if you want to get proper SEO benefits.

Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about SEO and how to get the best of it.

  • Most of the users click on top 5 search results
  • Users don’t usually scroll past page 1.
  • Mobile Friendly Keywords are the need of the hour
  • Mobile SEO and Local Business
  • Around half of the search queries are 4 words or longer
  • Organic Search still trumps over Social Media Traffic

Now let’s see how to improve SEO rankings keeping the above points in mind.

1. Improve the quality of the content: The most important factor which determines the ranking of your website on Search Engine Result Page is “Quality Content”. Engaging, unique and informative content is absolutely adored by Google and will help you improve the quality of your website as well.

2. Mobile Friendly Approach: Whether it is creating a Mobile-friendly website or using mobile-friendly keywords, it is very important to make the strategy to target smartphone users which are increasing in numbers day after day. The keywords used to search on a smartphone are different from the ones which are used to search on the PC. So select keywords smartly and work on them.

3. Update Content Regularly: It is very important to refresh content on a regular basis as search engines continuously check your website’s relevancy and you can’t afford to slack.

Some additional points to improve SEO rankings

  • Improve the website’s loading speed
  • Better layout and content placement
  • Contact Us Page
  • Using XML Sitemap
  • Using Plugins to share on Social Media

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