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Link Wheel Strategy for SEO

Link Wheel Strategy for SEO

As you know, Search Engine Optimization is done to rank your website on top of the SERP for specific keyword searches. Now, the ways to optimize the search results vary for different digital marketing experts but there is no denying the importance of backlinking for SEO.
Back Linking is also a broader term and there are many ways to utilize backlinks to direct traffic to your website. In earlier blogs, we have discussed the importance of quality backlinks for your website and different types of backlinks. If you are struggling to create quality backlinks then you can try Link Wheel Strategy for SEO.

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Link Wheel Strategy can help you rank higher on the SERP and you will get more traffic to your website as a result.

What is the Link Wheel Strategy?

As the name suggests link wheel strategy involves creating a number of interlinked backlinks which are ultimately directed towards your main website. The idea is to create a wheel like an interconnected network of links which are all directing towards the center i.e. the main website.
It is an advanced SEO technique which is overlooked by many but can definitely help you to directly surge traffic to your website. Many bloggers use this method to direct the traffic to their website during the offer and festive season.

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How To Create A Link Wheel For SEO?

Earlier it was easy to create a simple linear network of links connected to a single website and creating a closed network but with new Google algorithms becoming more and more advanced that won’t work the same anymore. There can be even further penalties if you are caught creating such manipulative models to fool the system.
So, now it is important to make a complex network of links connecting to the main website. To do that, you can create clusters of link wheel and then finally converge it to the main site.

Tips to Create A Link Wheel for SEO:

• Do social bookmarking on every blog created with web 2.0. Web 2.0 is basically is a small network of blogs that are inside the ‘link wheel’.
• You should always ping RSS feed.
• Only use high-quality content.
• Avoid using automation.
• Avoid using the same keywords in anchor text and use some diversified keywords instead.

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Creating an advanced link wheel can be tough and its recommended to hire experts to do it for you. Brands Martini provides quality SEO service in Delhi and will help you make the best of Link WHEEL Technique.

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