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LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for B2B Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing, B2B Marketing

Do you have a LinkedIn strategy in place to optimize your presence on this social network? If you work in the B2B sector, this social media could well become your favourite! It represents your gateway to communicate with more than 400 million professionals!

Much more than a social media job search and career development, LinkedIn is also the platform par excellence to grow your business.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, where users expect to be courted by brands, LinkedIn brings together a totally different community with different intentions. Promoting your business insistently or doing a hard sell on LinkedIn are also highly criticized practices. It is for these reasons that it is necessary to develop LinkedIn B2B marketing strategies.

How to Take Advantage of LinkedIn For Your Business

LinkedIn must be approached on two levels: by the company itself and by its actors of influence (president, directors, salesmen, etc.).

Using LinkedIn as a Business
Take the time to complete the profile of your business fully. It allows visitors and potential customers to get to know it quickly and where it does business. Also, share relevant and engaging content to prove your company’s expertise. This will help him position himself as a leader in his field.

Using LinkedIn as an Influencer
Presidents, directors, salesclerks! LinkedIn is your playground! It is a huge platform the explore the latest trends in your industry, to follow your competition, but above all to get in touch with prospects. This is where lies the strength and uniqueness of LinkedIn Social Marketing.

To make social sales, a relevant and effective presence on LinkedIn is essential!

Managing your network of connections
Linkedin’s premise is based on the theory that every person on Earth is only separated by six degrees or six networks of interconnections. Some say that since the advent of Facebook, there are now only five degrees of separation. Linkedin is thus a platform of choice to manage its contact network, a form of Rolodex on steroids because you are informed, and the coordinates are changed in real time when an acquaintance changes jobs or gets a promotion.


Create Groups and Participate
To expand your B2B business and demonstrate your expertise in B2B marketing, you need to create and participate in groups. LinkedIn groups allow you to discuss a specific topic and share experiences, ask for information, express opinions, share content and more. So, get involved!

Once you start using LinkedIn for business, check out your Social Selling Index (SSI). This LinkedIn tool allows you to have an overview of your activity on the social network by logging you according to four variables:

• Build your professional brand;
• Find the right people;
• Exchange information;
• Establish relationships.

Depending on the score given to each, you will know what to work on to improve your presence on LinkedIn. And quickly, this social media will become a channel for acquiring customers that you will not be able to do without!

If you want tech-savvy digital marketers, Brandsmartini is a perfect choice for you. This LinkedIn marketing company will help you to expand your business in the right direction.

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