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New Monetization Policy of YouTube and Its Effect

Mostly every individual, company, website, page, etc. on the web has a self-describing; marketing, dedicated or a related videos and they are all available on Youtube. Youtube, one-of the largest technology-based companies in the world enables people to upload videos and create their personal channels for the viewers worldwide. The platform also helps the professional you-tubers earn their ‘moolah’.


Youtube earns from its viewers and the advertisers who benefit from the viewership. Youtube, as a platform engages billions of viewers the world-over. They open, view, like, share and subscribe videos available on Youtube on a daily basis, guaranteeing billions of hours of viewing time. This view time is bought by the advertisers for their marketing purpose. These advertisements bring in the money at Youtube, for their employees, you-tubers as well as the profits on the whole. The Youtubers, on the other hand, earn mainly through the YPP or the Youtube Partner Program. As per its earlier account creation and monetization policy, any Youtuber, whose channel had more than 10,000 views in a lifetime, would get Google advertisements and would earn therein. It led to creation of thousands of successful professional and creative, original-content uploading Youtubers. But, on the other hand it also led to creation of Youtuber profiles by unscrupulous individuals who were only looking for how to earn through Youtube. Various unwelcomed and disturbing video were uploaded with the sole agenda of how to increase Youtube views. Terrorism linked content, child pornography and other infamous content linked videos have bought in flak for the company time and again. The company also faces backlash from the advertiser community for advertising their marketing-campaigns on not-so original or appreciated video backdrops.


In order, to give its viewers as well as its advertisers a breath of fresh air, Youtube has undertaken new Youtube monetization rules. The new Youtube monetization policy, 2018 states that a video creator and channel-holder could only partner with Youtube under the YPP program, if and when they have more than 4000 hours of viewed content in a year as well as more than 1000 subscribers. It is a compulsive step taken by the organization to remove the ‘bad you-tubers with demeaning content’ from its list. All the videos shall now be monitored by these tightened rules. Especially the ‘Google preferred’ advertisers shall have all their backdrop videos checked by an individual itself for content and appropriation.

In the wake of the new Youtube Monetization rules, small Youtubers who earned few hundred dollars a year, and dreamt of making it big someday in the future, shall take the brunt. They shall not be covered under the YPP. It shall sadly hurt the sentiments and pockets of many. But, the big fish generally eats up the smaller ones. This is evolution and that is how the world of YouTube goes now. We at Brandsmartini, can help you become the big fish of the digital world.

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