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Popular Website Designing Trends for 2017

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An impressive web design is critical in today’s competitive scenario. An exceptional website lets you swerve past your competitors and provides a better experience for its users. As the years whizzed past and technology advanced, we now find ourselves residing in the middle of an era where technology has become an indelible part of our lives. With users plaguing the internet like never before, they have started to demand a personal, relevant and interactive experience and that requires the web designers to come up with websites that can respond to its users’ thought processes.

With its ever-evolving landscape, what felt alive just a while back begins to appear passé overnight. To cope, you need to plan in advance and speculate how the trends might evolve over the coming months.

Born of innovation and experimentation, our experts put together a list of trends you need to shift your focus on:

1. Collaboration Between Designers And Developers: As web designing becomes more influential in shaping brands, more and more emphasis is being laid on collaboration with their fellow developers. Massive platforms require the designers and the developers to be on the same page and that calls for better collaboration and communication. It is just a matter of time before prototyping tools and designers replace the front-end development altogether.

2. Responsive Design: Although it’s been around for years, it will continue to dominate since it’s one of the most effective ways for an enhanced user experience. There would be a bigger uptake in the number of brands who’d build responsive websites.

3. Minimalist Web Designs: Coming back to content, the meat and bones of the website, designers across the world now realize the fact the people get to the websites solely for content. Content Marketing plays an important role. De-cluttered, neat and visually explanatory designs do not disorient the users and let them focus on the content.

4. Big, Bold And Beautiful Typography: A powerful visual medium, typography helps in evoking emotion and is generally to-the-point. Typically effective in breaking the grids with long scrolling pages, this year is going to see an increase in these eye-catching, oversized letters.

5. Conversational Interface: The previous year called for the rise of chatbots and conversational interfaces. Increasingly intelligent chatbots would begin to permeate web experiences. 2017 is definitely going to witness a lot of bots popping up across all the major platforms.

6. Authentic Photography: This is an interesting trend that is worth mentioning. It’s simple but big. People desire authenticity, something that stock photos fail to provide. Designers should be more careful with the imagery. Everything within the website must serve a purpose. So does pictures. We’d see an increased visual diversification in the coming days.

A creative industry is full of trends and sometimes, it gets hard to know what might work for us and what might not. Not every change is relevant to every particular business and it is therefore important to consult someone with higher expertise. At Brands Martini, the best digital marketing agency, we always keep a track of the trends looming on the horizon and are willing to give your business a facelift as per the latest and relevant trends.

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