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Questions you need to ask before you hire that Digital Marketing Agency?

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It isn’t so uncommon to come across business owners who have been swindled by fraudsters, claiming to be digital marketing experts. Also, even for the savviest of agencies, it sometimes, become difficult to take on digital marketing, owing to their limited bandwidth.

Whatever the case, as business owners, people should be very particular about the online marketing partner they choose. Digital marketing can require significant investment. However, all the promised returns can turn out to be one big hoax if one doesn’t carefully assess its marketing partner.

Therefore, it becomes very important that you do your research well and ask the prospective digital marketing agencies the right set of questions.

And while interrogating you prospective partners, you have to make sure that you’re covering enough ground. As a proficient digital marketing agency, we can definitely help you framing the questionnaire.

First, some general questions.

  • How long have they been in the online marketing industry?
  • How do they report month-over-month progress?
  • Any success stories or case studies?
  • Are there any contractual terms?
  • How can they help you stand out?
  • Do they specialize in any marketing operation?
  • How do they integrate different marketing efforts?
  • How would they collaborate with your internal team (if any)?
  • Do they use proprietary tools or those open to all?
  • Will they be outsourcing to third parties?

SEO-specific questions

  • Do they follow Google Webmaster’s guidelines?
  • How do they plan on increasing your search engine rankings?
  • Can they help a website penalized by Google recover?
  • If yes, what was the recovery process?
  • How long does it take before SEO starts showing positive results?
  • How do they earn high-quality backlinks?

PPC-specific questions

  • Do the employees in the agency have Google Partner Badges?
  • Does the agency offer paid marketing on platforms other than Google AdWords?
  • What about the tools they would be using to optimize your PPC campaigns?
  • Would they be transparent with the PPC spending?

Content-specific questions

  • Would they be willing to show content samples?
  • What experience do their writers have in your industry?
  • If none, how do they plan on getting familiarized with your industry?
  • Is the content both search engine and user-specific?
  • Can the writers produce content pieces other than blogs and articles?
  • How many pieces will the agency be producing per month/week?

Social media-specific questions

  • Which all social avenues be used to market your business?
  • How does the agency manage community interaction?
  • Can they do anything to remedy your tampered online reputation?
  • How do they curate content for social media?

Design-specific questions

  • Does the agency use customized designs or templates?
  • Would they be willing to share in-house samples?
  • Do they design responsive pages or not?
  • Would you have a say in designing?
  • Does the agency offer ecommerce development?
  • What maintenance options will you get once your website goes live?

Get to know as many digital marketing agencies as you can. And in the process, try and get to know their personalities, their way of working, and see if they align with your brand’s identity and ideologies.

Don’t forget to ask us the above-mentioned questions when you knock our door.

1 thought on “Questions you need to ask before you hire that Digital Marketing Agency?”

  1. This is such a very useful blog post for customers because now a days so many fraud companies giving digital marketing services, so this questions are really a take some information about company as per online project.

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