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Social Media Marketing Moments – The Best Campaigns So Far

Social Media Marketing Campaigns, Social Buzz

Social Media Marketing campaigns have this undeniable power to turn into something really, really remarkable. Every once in a while, we come across social media campaigns, that create massive digital waves that wreak havoc in order to reach the coveted millennial generation and subsequently break the internet.

These social campaigns are compelling and engaging, and have this undying power to inspire and concurrently, boost brand awareness.

For everyone who’s in charge of creating a solid social media advertisement and is in a dire need of inspiration, Brandsmartini, one of India’s finest Social Media Consultants and Social Media Strategists has gathered some of the most influential and most well-orchestrated social media campaigns created so far.

Make sure to only use these examples for inspiration, to get your creative juices flowing. And coming to think of creativity, the sky is the limit.

Now without further ado, let’s get straight to these memorable social media moments.

1. The Infamous Ice Bucket Challenge – It is not every regular day that you see a mere social campaign coercing about 17 million people to upload a video on Facebook. And when that campaign manages to generate more than $110 million in charitable donations, in a very short span of 6 weeks, you ought to know the campaign is a game changer.

2. JJ Watt’s Hurricane Harvey Relief – More than 200,000 donors came together to raise funds for Hurricane Harvey, the most expensive hurricane to ever hit the USA, causing destruction estimated to at about $200 billion. JJ Watt’s relief, which started with a humble goal of $200,000, was blown apart as people from all corners of world inundated his portal with millions of donations.

3. GoPro’s Skateboarding Cat on Instagram – Cute animals engaged in human activity – now that’s one of the best ways to generate social buzz. That’s what adventure camera manufacturer, GoPro, did with an authentic, consumer-generated video of an Australian cat aloofly surfing the sidewalk on a skateboard.

4. Instagram and Snapchat and Periscope – True, the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are still the go-to channels for social media promotions, however, in the past two years, a number of brands took to relatively new advertising mediums to garner the attention of millennials. From Taco Bell, GoPro, Spotify, Expedia and even Hillary Clinton, a number of brands, new and old, tried and experimented with edgy, humourous and interactive content, all with the hope of gaining more and more followers and lostering their social presence.

For if you’re still in doubt, the time is still ripe; marketing through social media can help your brand reach its full potential. Get in touch with Brandsmartini to avail their coveted social media services.

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