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Top 10 SEO Factors for Top Rank on Google

Top 10 SEO Factors

If you have various question to get your business at the top of the google or how to get top on Google. SEO factors take an important role to get on top rank on Google. Here are some,

SEO Factors to Get Top Rank in Google

Content quality

As you know the Content is the King and this is the main SEO factors. High rank in SEO is mainly determined by the quality of the content. It mainly covers a wide range of subject. SEO factors to get the top rank various digital marketing expert uses articles and blogs for ranking in search engine like Google. For this, they must have a good quality of content and place the keywords in the right places. So that it increases the quality of the content.


Google has updated their system to google panda. It uses an algorithm which finds the plagiarism in the content and makes sure the content provided by the digital marketers are unique. It is the new platform which mainly prioritizes the uniqueness or freshness in the content.


It is one of the most important and strongest ranking systems that signal and direct them to reach the top of the google ranking. The more link you have it polishes your chances to reach the top of the google ranking.

Compatibility with Mobile

If your website is mobile compatible it has more chances of getting ranked in google search engine. Nowadays Google is searching the result more accurately with the access of your mobile to get the local results. Mobile version of internet access is getting more and more feasible and having Geo location result in effectively in local SEO.

Page Speed

Your page speed should be fast this means the more time is taken by the website to open in your system it is much harder to get the ranking on the website. It is the major SEO factors for rank #1.


This code helps you for a better understanding of text like address, phone number, recipes, reviews and more for ranking your website in the local SEO.

Brand Power and Social Signal

Brand power gives a solid base to Google’s algorithm. The more traffic a site gets from marked quests, the more it will be perceived by the algorithm. Combining the brand power and social signal gives the best visibility and SEO factors to rank in google algorithm.


If your keyword and domain have an exact match it provides you with the solid base to rank in google ranking. One other major turn of event will get the higher ranking is domain seniority.


Your website should be secured that it has https. This encryption will give a secure connection to Google and the user.

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User Experience

It should have the best and for most UI/UX experience so that the bounce rate of the website must be minimal.
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