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Twitter Gets The Much Needed Upgrades With New Features

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With its stagnant user growth and diminishing revenue over the last 2 years, Twitter’ growth stalled despite its interesting aspects (Periscope being the most notable one).
Apparently, it wasn’t something that was appealing enough to the 77% of the people who weren’t using the app.

However, Twitter, which was accustomed to steady progressions decided to mend its ways and take necessary actions in the face of these negative changes.

From small to big, impacting how the marketers and communication professionals used the platform, Twitter made a collection of changes improving not only user engagement but the overall user experience.

Since we know how difficult it is to keep up with these updates, we’ve put together a small list of notable features below. Please take note.

1. Mute offensive posts and people: For a given time period (24 hours to 30 days) or forever, the latest Twitter update allows its users to mute away any word, phrases, hash-tags or usernames from their timeline. Further, in a bid to keep the timeline clean, Twitter users can choose to steer clear of the notifications by other users they aren’t following. The feature is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

2. Easy on the data version: Intended for its mobile users, Twitter launched Twitter Lite, which is a data friendly version of the existing app. Although, it’s not a separate app and can be only operated through a mobile browser, it offers a toned down UI with slightly less elements we’re used to see in its native app, reducing as much as 70% of the data consumption. So, what you’ll miss on are editing pictures and live streaming. You can freely upload videos and photos and send direct messages.

3. Enhanced security: Adding another layer to its existing two-fold authentication, Twitter now allows third party authentication apps like Google Authenticator. It’s meant for the users who are already using the apps for protecting their Google and other accounts.

4. Increased room for characters: While replying to posts, @username, which previously appeared within the reply box decreasing the already limited character limit, would now be appearing above the reply box offering increases characters within the same bracket.

5. Anti-harassment/bullying: The folks using Twitter are infamous for trolling and intimidating fellow users. Harassment spreads and aggravates easily on the platform. Twitter has updated its terms that would help in combating unsavory activities on the platform making the platform a welcoming space to all. Twitter has already increased its number of employees who would help in enforcing the revised policies, but, at the moment, it cannot be commented upon how it’d turn out in terms of user experience.

If one doesn’t look closely enough, the changes appear to be small on the surface. However, everything combined together shows Twitter’s willingness and inclination towards creating a much more intuitive user experience. Will these changes amount to any measurable increase in Twitter’s revenues or not, only time will tell.

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