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What is Rich Snippets Search Results and Types of Rich Search Results

Types of Rich Snippets Search Results

You might have often heard about Rich results, which is nothing but the simpler denotation of Rich Snippets, a concept which is synonymous with Google search results. Have you noticed how Google displays additional data along with the names of websites on its search results? Rich Snippets Search Results are usually pulled out from the structured data of an HTML code of a webpage.

Composition of a Google Search Result

Take a close look and you will come to know that most of the Google search results today display a title tag, a meta description and a URL. This is what a normal snippet looks like. A google rich snippets, true to its name, adds something to this normal to the above and makes it more valuable to the reader. They are more eye-catching, which is why they might trigger a higher organic CTR.

Where Do Rich Snippets Come From?

The rich snippet review reveals that the structured markup schema on your HTML page is the source for the Rich snippet data which makes it to the results page. This means that you can utilise the structured markup section of your HTML coding to enhance the ranking of your website indirectly.

Types of Rich snippets

Although there are dozens of rich snippets out there, only a few specific ones of them are really useful for your website. Here are the best 5 types of rich snippets that you can use for your website:

Best 5 Types of Rich Snippets:

Reviews: These display a star rating, which can be useful to enhance the confidence of the user on the business.

Recipes: This snippet applies only to recipes but represents a special type of structured data and might include data such as preparation time and image of the recipe.

Music: This includes information such as length of a song, its producer, genre, date of release and more.

Product Markup: This snippet is used to obtain information about a specific product, which also includes the price and image of the product.

Organisation: This snippet provides the search engine with a brief about the key and vital data about the organisation.

Likewise, there are other snippets as well, such as top stories, video, and events, each of which serves a unique purpose and provide unique data to the search engine. You may approach an SEO Service in Delhi to help you out with the task rich snippets in your HTML code.

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