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What are Zombie Pages and how to destroy them?

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You didn’t read it wrong, we are in fact talking about Zombie pages here and it more or less follows the same definition as the Zombies we have been seeing in the movies and TV shows since ages. Basically, Zombie pages are those which are neither live nor dead meaning that they don’t really see any purpose to the website and don’t even have informative or engaging content for the viewers and Google alike.

Zombie pages have no motive and value to the visitors and to Google, some developers just use them for ranking certain keywords which can sometimes backfire as these pages have spun and useless content. Visitors don’t get much information about the nature of the business nor do they get any motivation to navigate through the site. As they are there because someone a while ago wanted to rank certain keywords but now their presence just hurt your SEO services impact.

Impact of Zombie Pages on SEO
Many developers use extra pages which don’t have any engaging content or navigation advantage to the website to rank certain keywords. It can also be an old version of the main landing page which is still there but doesn’t serve any purpose now. Unlike dead pages, a zombie page just refuses to die and keep draining the life out of your website’s. With new Google updates and algorithms to rank your website on Search Engine Result Page, the Zombie pages present on your website can demean all your efforts to rank higher.

How to delete a Zombie Pages?
The performance difference between Normal live pages and Zombie page pages is easy to spot. Take a look at the following metrics:

  • Total visits (Pageviews)
  • Unique Pageviews
  • Avg. Time on Page
  • Bounce Rate
  • Exit rate
  • Pages per session (Pages/Session)

Now that you have identified the infected pages, its time to get rid of them for good. Delete their HTML file and get rid of them and remove them from XML Sitemap. Knowing for any business enterprise, you must hire experts to take care of such problems to get the best results. BrandsMartini is the best SEO agency in Delhi and their SEO services can well be the push you need to make it big in the market.

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