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5 Types of Google Ads and Their Benefits

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Advertising is Google’s bread and butter that accounts for more than 95 percent of Google’s revenue. From Google ADs to Google Merchant Ads, there are various online advertising ways through which it generates income. Let’s find out how many types of paid campaign advertising channels Google offers and what are the benefits involved:

1. Search Ads

Familiar with the Google AdWords? well, you might have seen those ADs placed above the organic search results. AdWords lets you run your PPC campaigns on a budget. Each click on your AD lands the user to the website or landing page. The AdWords works faster than SEO in displaying your results at the top for a specific set of keywords. You can reach the targeted users based on the demographics, user interest and can schedule your ADs at your desired time.

2. Shopping Ads

Got a product to sell? But your E-commerce website hasn’t got a large user base of customers? No worries, Google Shopping is the way to go! You just have to register at Google Merchant Centre, submit your product feed, set a daily CPC budget and the rest leave to Google. It will display your products whenever a user searches it on Google. By listing your product using this paid channel, you could beat the competition and appear on the top of results.

3. Video Ads

Google owns the YouTube where billions of searches are made every day. It represents a huge opportunity for advertisers to reach masses with the paid advertisement on YouTube. There are a variety of advert formats you can opt to. They include TrueView in-stream ADs, TrueView video discovery ADs and Bumper ADs.

4. Mobile Ads

With the rise in the number of Smartphone users, the mobile searches have dominated the search queries. Mobile advertising is emerging as a prominent paid campaign advertising method as the mobile users are always on the lookout of businesses nearby. You could reach them by creating Universal App campaigns, display Ads, Search ADs and video ADs. This platform lets you connect with the highly responsive mobile audience who are easy to convert.

5. Display Ads

Want to target customers across a wide selection of websites in your niche? Google Display ADs Network could make it possible for you to reach the audience in your niche. You could choose to display Text ADs, Image ADs, Rich media ADs and Video ADs to attract your prospects. Display ADs are visually appealing that optimizes the chances of conversion.

The Final Takeaway

Google, the search engine ace, gives businesses its platform to gain leads from all over the globe. You could run a Google AdWords campaign or opt-in for video advertising. There’s a lot to choose from. But remember, each advertising platform has its own advantage! Businesses could choose one platform to advertise their product/service or all of them. It all depends on the budget you have or your advertising goals. So before you opt-in to any advertising channel on Google, weigh out the benefits and choose that gives a bang to your bucks!

Got confused which paid campaign advertising channel you should opt to? Let Brands Martini, help you decide the one that gives you the highest ROIs. We are your much-awaited pros who are here to help you in gaining maximum leads from the paid marketing channel at the minimum spending.

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