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7 Google AdWords Latest Features You Should Be Using In 2018


With more than 70% business being transacted online, Google Adwords News is accessed by every responsible website owner. Seeing the immense popularity of AdWords, Google has introduced several updates to facilitate a larger user-base.

Google Adwords Updates 2018

Some of the latest updates include:

1. Advanced Expanded Landing Page Report: The key factor that increases the conversion rate of AdWords is the landing page. Earlier, this report just helped to analyze how traffic was reaching a landing page. Now the report also provides expanded URLs for both desktop and mobile searches.

2. AdWords User Interface (UI): Although Google AdWords Updates are usually welcomed by web owners, the new UI is missing some vital features like:
a. Advanced Editing
b. AdWords Lab
c. Automated Extensions Report
d. Business Data and Shared Library
e. Bid Adjustment for Targeting Methods
f. Display Remarketing Audiences
g. Message Extensions
h. Price Extensions

Until these crucial features are added to the new UI, websites are compelled to keep toggling between the two interfaces.

3. Promotion Extension: This feature can be found under “Ads & Extensions” tab. This is one of the most useful among the New AdWords Features. It displays an icon along with the search text ads giving it prominence. It is perfect for highlighting discounts and promotions. It is compatible with both the old and new UI of Google AdWords.

4. Shopping Product Listings: Another useful update can be found under “Shop Now”. It is a product listing which includes price, product details in short, shipping and availability. This is a very user-friendly update.

5. Automatic Bid Adjustment Mechanism: Adjusting the bid is a crucial task to get more conversions on a commercial site. The new automated mechanism sets the perfect bid that fits within your budget and promotes maximum conversion.

6. Optimum and Indefinite Ad Rotation Setting: This is one of the Adwords features that will definitely improve online visibility of a site. It seamlessly handles:
a. Optimization for clicks
b. Seamless rotation of ads
c. Optimization for better conversion rate
d. Indefinite rotation.

Setting the ad rotation manually was a tedious process and produced uncertain results hence this feature is a real boon.

7. Audience Solution: This update of Google AdWords can be used effectively to target new customers and improve conversion rate. It helps to locate potential buyers similar to your existing loyal customers via an automated demographic search.

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