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An Introduction To Landing Pages

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Known as the NSAMCWADLP principle, which simply expands to Never-Start-A-Marketing-Campaign-Without-A-Dedicated-Landing-Page, you should never start a marketing campaign without creating a distinct landing pages if you want your campaign to be successful.

This brings us to today’s topic, i.e. landing pages.

What are landing pages?

Within the marketing realm, a landing page is a well-designed, standalone web page, which is distinct from your website and where a visitor arrives after clicking on a display banner, social media advertisement, pay-per-click advertisement or an online call-to-action button. By standalone, we mean to say that there’s no global navigation that ties it to the primary website. It stands alone and can only be accessed through the link provided in the PPC or e-mail marketing campaign.

Distinct from the website, landing pages are designed for a singular objective, service or offer, and branch out into 2 dominant categories:

1. Click-through landing pages (Lead Generation): Also referred to as jump pages, these have the goal of persuading visitors to click-through another page. Such landing pages act as ecommerce funnels between the marketing advertisement and the final product. It warms up the visitors to a point where they are ready to make a purchase and are willing to move further to the shopping cart or checkout. An effective example would be a video or an image coupled with interesting information about a particular product or its benefits which would coerce the buyer into clicking the call-to-action button.

2. Lead generation landing pages (Lead Capture): Capturing user data, i.e. the name and e-mail address is the most important piece of information you can gather from a lead. It’s a permission that allows you to connect with the prospects and gives you an opportunity to convert the lead into a customer. A lead generation landing page is a descriptive page that contains a form for submitting personal data. Some of the examples are webinar registration, discount voucher, free trial, future product launch notification, etc.

There are 4 more types of landing pages, but, they aren’t used as much as the 2 mentioned above. These are:

  • Squeeze pages: This page appears immediately after visitors begin their online experience and requires them to submit their e-mail addresses in order to proceed further.
  • Sales page: Like the name suggests, a sales page is a standalone page that is used to sell a product. It can have a long or short form depending upon the product’s complexity.
  • Splash page: It’s an introductory/welcoming page that appears before a website. It aims at providing additional information about your website and brand.
  • Pitch page: It is a product-centric page that helps in attracting customers to your services and products by highlighting and showcasing their features.

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