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Google Ads or Facebook Ads: What’s Better?

Google Adwords, Facebook Adverts

What sets Google Ads and Facebook Ads apart? How do they both work? Should we be using both or either of the two?

As a digital marketing agency, we’re often inundated with such questions. We know, that as brands you’re often on a lookout for the most effective marketing strategy and the two most effective ways to drive traffic to your website are Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Therefore, we decided that we’d come up with a post describing how both of them are unique yet similar and at the same time, extremely effective. Depending upon your budget, business and goals, each platform has benefits differing from each other. Knowing the key differences would help you to leverage each platform simultaneously and get the best results for your business.

Primary Difference

Before delving into further details, strengths and features, we must understand the primary difference between the two. Users searching through Google are particularly looking for something; they are on a mission and want what they are searching for. Google Adwords is all about search intent and has a pull marketing strategy. While on the other hand,  Facebook users are shown ads based on their interests and demographics. They aren’t necessarily looking for a product or service but still stumble upon the ads in their news feeds. It’s a particularly effective strategy to create brand awareness.

Google AdWords

  • Detailed measuring tools
  • Potentially large audience base
  • Immediate inflow of traffic
  • Complete control over the daily budget
  • Instant Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Multiple advertising options; remarketing, display network


  • Costly if executed incorrectly
  • Time-consuming setup and management
  • Cannot include images/videos unless you use Google Shopping or YouTube
  • Based on your niche, the large audience might turn out to be irrelevant
  • Massive Cost-per-click (CPC) depending upon your industry

Facebook Ads

  • Easy to track campaigns
  • Complete control over CPC and budget
  • Immediate traffic influx
  • Easier to setup than AdWords
  • Relatively cheaper CPC
  • More demographics imply more targeting options
  • Easy integration of images and videos into the advertisements


  • Incorrect execution can be costly but less than AdWords
  • Suitable for B2C markets only
  • Unless you choose a lifetime budget, you’d be barred from targeting ads on specific timings and days.


At a point where the users are showing great interest in your products, Google Ads should be specifically used. You might end up shelling more money per click, but there’s an increased probability of a potential conversion. On the other hand, Facebook is a powerful targeting platform which lets you reach people who do not know you exist. Facebook Ads are all about generating desire, interest and awareness.

An effective marketing plan constitutes a variety of marketing tools and channels. You cannot rely solely on either of them and it’s important that you harness the power of both paid platforms.

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