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The Power Of Iconography And How It Affects The Brands

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Iconography: There has been a subtle, but significant shift in the use of logos, icons and infographic designs. And as a consequence, the use of photography for branding is beginning to diminish.

What caused it? Well, it’s quite a task to convey the unique essence of your brand through a generic product or a service. It‘s like a host of people telling the same customary stories just under a different name, isn’t it? So how do we stand out in an ocean full of indistinguishable content without coming up with a dissertation? We get the mileage out of iconography. Doesn’t everyone just love logos? Oh, we do for sure. We say ‘swoosh’ and you know it’s Nike. Four interlaced rings can’t be something other than Audi. You do not even require a glance. A pithy description does it all. That’s the power of brand icons.

Connecting with the end users requires a brand to communicate. Perhaps the best strategy to convey a brand personality is through icons. Icons are simple, relatable, and digestible. And as we all might know that our brain processes visual information 60.000 times faster than text, icons tend to simplify complex ideas and emotions. They jazz up the services and quickly communicate information. They are visual storytellers and almost every successful brand has one.

Why Do These Brandmarks Work ?

  • They can be designed uniquely to fit your brand
  • Tailor-made visuals deliver a style unique to the brand
  • Communicate a lot more than texts
  • Require substantially less space
  • Having a distinct brandmark facilitates easy brand recall

How To Improve The Art Of Iconography ?

  • Keeping it simple yet expressive: Do not detail them to an extent that the meaning gets distorted. Minimalism is a global rage. Keep it crisp and subtle, and make sure it delivers the impact immediately.
  • Maintain consistency: Rapid changes suggest indecision on the brand’s part and can tarnish the company’s reputation.

A picture is worth one thousand words. This aphorism cannot get any truer. But, before jumping to conclusions, it should be noted that despite being convenient, these brand marks are not often the most effective communication tools because they can often be misinterpreted. An icon or a logo in one particular culture can have a different meaning in another. Further, not everyone is technically bent and might have problems interpreting the intended meaning. The best approach is to have the correct proportion of icons and text so as to provide complete access to everyone. Furthermore, icons with rollover texts are also an option.

Most importantly, keep in mind that nothing becomes recognizable overnight. Therefore, refrain yourself from altering your logos and icons from time to time. Re-branding wouldn’t take you as far as patience would.

At Brandsmartini, we know how less is more. At the most basic level, we’re a Branding Agency in Delhi crafting and launching compelling symbolic identities for our clients worldwide.

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  • January 18, 2017
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  • Brands Martini

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