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Which Social Media Platform Is Best For Your Brand?

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Social networking is no more just a way to communicate with your family and friends, now more than ever is used to promote business. The most popular social platform in the world has millions of users, but that is not the social media aspect that makes it more attractive for marketing. Our choices are the best “social media” platforms for business.

Facebook: The best for advertising

With 1.79 trillion active users per month, Facebook is by far the largest social platform. Officially for business, average Facebook users follow friends, celebrities, and companies. Facebook is responsible for filtering user profiles with more relevant and interesting content for them. If you want to keep your fans constantly on Facebook advertising, you’re going to need to boost your publications.

Twitter Advertising: The best to reach followers

With 317 million users, Twitter is much smaller than Facebook. However, Twitter does not automatically filter content, so your followers will receive your Tweets or messages unless they decide to stop following you. So while Facebook may be the best platform to win followers, Twitter marketing is indeed the best platform to reach them.

LinkedIn: The best for B2B

LinkedIn is the largest social network for professionals; its members are businesses, employees, and people looking for jobs. If your company is focused on selling products and services to other businesses, LinkedIn is the best platform in social networks where to reach potential customers. LinkedIn also allows its members to create blogs, making it the ideal place for “Content Marketing” campaigns focused on professionals.

Pinterest: The best for products

The search for products is one of the main activities carried out at Pinterest. People use Pinterest to find products to buy and also to see what they like about their friends. For business, the best that Pinterest has is that when users are shopping online, they spend more time buying than users on Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is a perfect social network for businesses that sell physical products.

Instagram: The best thing to show the lifestyle of your brand

If Pinterest is the ideal platform for sharing product images, Instagram is the perfect platform for sharing images about the lifestyle that users of these products hope to have. Use Instagramto share photos showing the kind of experiences your potential customers would like to have. Instagram is full of photos of happy people using products, and Instagram users love to share those pictures.

Snapchat: The most human and close to the user

Most Snapchat photos disappear after a few seconds, Snapchat also offers you the longer content “Stories,” but even these stories only last for 24 hours before they vanish. Although the Snapchat images you share cannot be directly shared or generated, Snapchat is the perfect social platform for sharing photos of events or showing your customers some of the daily activities that your employees do.

Google+: Best for Local SEO

If you want to optimize your business website for local searches, you should create a Google+ profile by showing your business address and phone number to help you improve your Local search. Additionally, Google+ allows its members to create blogs and articles from Google+ blogs usually rank well on Google. Publishing content to Google+ can be a great way to improve your business reputation if your website does not yet get a lot of traffic.

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