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  • Difference Between SMO and SMM

    Difference Between SMO and SMM

    ByBrands Martini

    Published onNovember 20, 2017

    SMM and SMO are two latest marketing strategies that are making big waves with their usage on the social media platforms. These strategies seem quite similar to each other and each of them means different from each other. SMO or the Social Media Optimization was initiated in 2006 by marketing pros in order to help the businesses promote themselves on the social media.

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    Which Social Media Platform Is Best For Your Brand?

    ByBrands Martini

    Published onApril 5, 2017

    Social networking is no more just a way to communicate with your family and friends, now more than ever is used to promote business. The most popular social platform in the world has millions of users, but that is not the social media aspect that makes it more attractive for marketing.