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Difference Between SMO and SMM

Difference Between SMO and SMM

SMM and SMO are two latest marketing strategies that are making big waves with their usage on the social media platforms. These strategies seem quite similar to each other and each of them means different from each other. SMO or the Social Media Optimization was initiated in 2006 by marketing pros in order to help the businesses promote themselves on the social media platforms. The ideas of both SMO and SMM were based on SEO content that is another marketing strategy which works with keywords, blogs and articles. SMM was invented after SMO and is a more workable set of approach which is used widely on the social media platforms to put forward a product, an initiative or an idea. SMM utilizes appealing content to promote businesses while SMO attracts the viewers to visit the website by luring them with links and names mention on the social networks.

Online marketing is the main aim of all the companies nowadays and every business wants to be seen on the social media platform, noticed by the audiences and potential buyers and SMM and SMO both help the companies in doing so. In SMO the content of any website is optimized in such a manner that the social media networks pick them easily and lure more traffic to the website of any company. An SEO campaign requires both SMM and SMO to work out their advertisement strategy and get unlimited traffic to the client’s website. These techniques look similar but are quite different from each other; however, they are both quite helpful in SEO marketing of any company.

What is SMO or Social Media Optimization?

SMO is an elaborated procedure in which we have to plan marketing strategies using the web pages of a website so that they work in the social media in a fine manner. There are several imperative techniques in which SMO is done:

  1. Adding social widgets to websites
  2. Letting people register through social media like Facebook or Google
  3. Add Social media share tabs to the web pages
  4. Interacting more on social media with the audience
  5. The content created should be designed in such a way so that it can be shared.
  6. Write regular posts and share it on different platforms
  7. Optimize the social media profiles with information about the company along with contact

What is Social Media Marketing?

SMM is a technique that works on long term basis and works in the manner of posting constant updates, campaigns and branding strategies on the social media platforms. SMM begins where SMO strategy ends so both depend on each other. Here are few ways in which SMM works:

  1. Analyzing the competition of the business online
  2. Planning an SMM strategy to achieve the desired goal
  3. Get those analytics and plan what audience to target
  4. Create a calendar for posting the content online
  5. Interact more with the audience
  6. Find out the metrics and plan strategies accordingly

SMM and SMO both are the main pillars of digital marketing used widely by Brands Martini and these are the main strategies used in the SEO and digital marketing. The social media marketing strategy helps in promoting businesses to a great extent and attracts great traffic towards the website so that the sales soar high. Get these forms of marketing done through Brand Martini, who are specialists in the field of social media optimization services.

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  1. SMO is Social Media Optimization, on the other hand SMM is the Social Media Marketing. We do SMO for SMM. We need to do social media optimization for this reason only that we can do SMM in the most efficient way and we can be 100% benefited from our business.

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